Orca Womens Predator Full Sleeve Wetsuit - FOR TOTAL SWIMMERS

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This suit is for Total Swimmers who want better flexibility AND increased buoyancy.


The Predator wetsuit is perfect for the swimmer looking for the ultimate swim assistance - now with extended 0.88 Free technology for the ultimate feeling of freedom and an even higher level of buoyancy to keep you streamlined even when you tire.




0.88 Free technology has been developed together with Yamamoto exclusively for Orca, with the aim of creating the most stretchable material currently available.  The thinnest wetsuit on the market, at only 0.55mm, it combines the best lining with a layer of Titanium to provide better thermal insulation.  This revolutionary material is used in the arms and back, enabling a greater stroke length.  A step forward in technology.


Exo-lift is a sandwich construction which combines a neoprene layer, Aerodrom technology and a specifically treated third inner neoprene layer making the Predator even more durable, achieving maximum buoyancy with 0% water absorption.  A helping hand in maintaining a good swimming position at all times, even when you are tired.


This technology, used in the lower body, gives the swimmer 30% more buoyancy.  The secret is in its composition: Hundreds of cavities located between two treated layers of neoprene.  Unlike Exo0-lift, the inner layer of this material is composed of a high quality lining which allows the wetsuit to stretch further.  Orca uses this material in specific areas, according to the swimmers needs, to facilitate proper rotation.


The CLS is an Exo-cell composite panel, which provides lateral support in the abdomen to stabilize your core and avoid lateral movement.  This technology helps to maintain and efficient technique for longer, thanks to its 5mm thick lateral Exo-cell panels.


This material, unique to Orca is the most strechable Yamamoto wetsuit material at only 1.5mm.  This felxiblity means a smaller zip is used than on other wetsuits on the market.  A smaller zip creates less restriction and at the same time improves the product's waterproofing.


As an innovation in the new Predator, Velcro has been added to the outer flap of the wetsuit, which together with the laser cutting use in the collar seam reduces friction and chafing.


The lower leg panel, a 40-cell Yamamoto composite with Nano SCS coating, reduces friction while you are swimming.  In addition, HydroLite panels help make the wetsuit easier to remove so that your transitions are even faster.