Orca Mens 1.5 Alpha Full Sleeve Wetsuit - FOR NATURAL SWIMMERS

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This suit is for Natural Swimmers who want maxiumum flexibility.


The combination of innovative new technologies, such as Yamamoto 0.88 in the arms and Yamamoto 44 in the shoulders and back, makes the new Alpha wetsuit the most stretchable on the market. As well, the new FT1 technology in the knee panels offers unprecedented freedom of movement. With the new Alpha you will fly through your longer transitions. This wetsuit boasts a new, shorter reverse zip system which doesn’t limit your stroke, offering flexibility like never before. The perfect weapon for Natural Swimmers, who come from a swimming background and have a naturally good swimming technique, with no significant flaws. Concentrate on what really matters - swim without limits.



0.88 FREE

0.88 Free tachnology had been developed with Yamamoto exclusively for Orca, with the aim of creating the most stretchable material currently available. The thinnest wetsuit on the market, at only 0.5mm thick, combines the best lining with a layer of Titanium to provide better thermal insulation.


This material, unique to Orca, is the most stretchable Yamamoto wetsuit material & only 1.5mm thick. Using this flexible component enables accomodation of a smaller zip than other wetsuits on the market.


The wetsuits SCS coating reduces friction while you are swimming & the Hydrolite leg panels, together with XXX technology let you run freely. Never have the transitions been so fast.


The new reverse zip prevents the wetsuit from openeing during the race. The zip is also smaller & shorter meaning less restriction.


The combination of Yamamoto 0.88 and Yamamoto 44 panels on the upper body, along with a shorter zip, offers you total movement.  The Ft1 technology in the knees delivers more lower body mobility to boost your kick.


The buoyancy offered by this wetsuit keeps your position raised and horizontal without interfering with your swimming technique.  Just the right amount of buoyancy to give the insulation you need.